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Please Note: Information found on this page and throughout this web site is only concerning ventures that were fully funded months ago, closed out, and are currently involved in the drilling or completion process, or in production. Nowhere on this site will you find information about current or future ventures. This website is for information purposes only and any information contained herein is not intended to be any form of solicitation. For more information please visit our guest book.

For 2015 Plano Oil and Gas currrently has several different drilling programs in the development phase, all are exploring for natural gas (and oil) in the state of Texas, drilling wells that range in depths from 5,100' down to 10,000'. If you are interested in our current or future activities, please go to our contact / guestbook page and let us know. We offer working interest positions into new oil and gas well drilling ventures to qualified participants with full tax benefits.

Plano Oil and Gas is the managing entity over the entire process from beginning to end, utilizing subsurface geology, well control, or 3D Seismic technology, our geologists identify a prospective area or anomaly, we acquire the mineral leases over the prospect, obtain funding, operate and drill the well, complete the well, and handle the day to day operations and sell the gas and oil. We send out revenue checks monthly and handle all the tax preparation pertaining to the ventures and provide that info to participants along with daily drilling reports, permits, maps and related geology, production, revenue, expense statements, survey plats, well test reports, etc., relating to the well. If you would like more info, you can also call us at 1-866-429-1167 or email us at .

Northstar Energy, Inc. - Independent producers of Oil and GasNorthstar Energy, Inc. - Independent producers of Oil and Gas

Northstar Energy, Inc. - Independent producers of Oil and Gas

Recent Images for Willo Well #1
"The Prez"
Well #3
Flowing Well Back
Halliburton Frac Job
Halliburton Frac job
Halliburton Frac job

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